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Gildan is amongst the largest employers in the countries in the majority locations where our manufacturing facilities are located. We also maintain an important business presence in Canada (Montreal, Quebec), the United States and Barbados. In addition to capital investments, payroll and local procurement practices which are significant contributors to local economic development, Gildan is also committed to enhancing our contributions and involvement in the communities where we operate. Forging a strong partnership in the communities in which we operate is a key element to the Company’s overall business strategy.

We recognize low literacy rates and a lack of job skills are not only social challenges in some regions, but also an impediment to building a strong local workforce that can grow with Gildan. Education is therefore one of our key areas of engagement. Furthermore, as some of the countries where we operate are more frequently struck with natural disasters, the Company has also been actively involved in providing humanitarian aid when and where it is needed most.

Community Development Community Development

Generating social and economic impact

In addition to creating diversified employment opportunities, Gildan’s presence in its communities generates a positive impact on a great variety of local businesses and service providers.

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Donations Donations

Supporting youth education and humanitarian aid

We believe that investing in youth education can have a transformational impact as it builds job and life skills and prepares a whole generation to contribute to their own community.

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