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As a manufacturer and marketer of apparel and significant employer in each of the regions in which it operates, Gildan accepts its responsibility to have a positive impact in its communities. We understand that the long-term sustainability of our business relies on building healthy communities.
As such we are committed to playing an active role in our local communities through a wide range of projects that draw on our financial and non-financial resources. These activities create value for the community and for Gildan by contributing to economic development, strengthening social programs and supporting business growth.

We seek to ensure our community investment activities are relevant to who we are as a business and to what is important to us and therefore we actively seek programs and partnerships which reflect our corporate values of acting as entrepreneurs, operating responsibly, and believing in our people.

Our guidelines

We have established five key guidelines for our community investment activities:

  1. Identify areas of focus that create a consistent approach across all Gildan locations.
  2. Empower our people to be involved in their local communities.
  3. Align our community investment activities with our business activities and core values allowing us to make best use of our skills and expertise.
  4. Always seek partnerships with organizations who share our values.
  5. Measure the impact of our work in the community in order to improve and facilitate learning from our experience

How we support 

We support these communities through a variety of contributions covering a wide range of resources:

Financial donations: We provide financial support to a range of local and global partners who meet the criteria outlined in our community investment guidelines.

Product Donations: We donate our products to the communities in which we operate to meet basic needs in response to natural disasters.  

In order to maximize the value created within our initiatives for all stakeholders involved, we seek opportunities where we can:

  • Ensure support has a sustainable benefit.
  • Support donations with experience and expertise where possible.
  • Measure the impact of community investments.

Community investment focus areas

Gildan directs a majority of its community investment resources towards the focus areas of education, active living, entrepreneurship and the environment, where we are best-suited to make a real difference. We are also committed to continue our legacy of providing disaster relief in the locations where we operate.


We believe supporting education helps address some of our stakeholders’ most pressing needs. By strengthening the infrastructure, economy and talent of communities in which we work, we contribute to the continued success of both Gildan and its communities. We provide targeted support to three areas of education:

  • Technical skills – We invest in technical education programs that assist individuals in the community to develop the varied skills required across our diverse operations from yarn-spinning to distribution.
  • Health and wellness programs – We support community education programs focused on hygiene, nutrition and violence prevention.
  • Investments in infrastructure – We contribute to building and upgrading educational infrastructure.

Active Living

Gildan manufactures and markets apparel that helps our consumers have an active life.  We define active living as a way of life that integrates health, wellness and an active lifestyle into everyday routines and brings communities together through healthy living. We believe that we can strengthen our communities and our business by supporting programs that encourage health, wellness and physical activity. We provide targeted support to three areas of active living in the communities where we operate:

  • Event sponsorship – We sponsor events that promote active living among youth and their families.
  • Enabled access– We contribute to programs that improve access to active living.
  • Sports support - We provide scholarships and grants to support participation in sports for student athletes.


Entrepreneurship is at the very heart of Gildan. It is integrated into our corporate values and how we do business every day. Entrepreneurs often face challenges of scale, reach and financing. Given our entrepreneurial spirit and expertise as a vertically integrated apparel company, we feel we can help inspire and support future entrepreneurs. We provide targeted support to two areas of entrepreneurship:

  • Support for entrepreneurial thinking: We support programs that promote entrepreneurial thinking and spirit among youth.
  • Business growth and development programming: We support programs that help entrepreneurs develop and grow businesses that address the varied skills required across our diverse local operations and value chain from yarn-spinning to distribution.


At all operating levels, Gildan is aware of the fact that we operate as part of a greater whole: the environment in which we live and work. This translates into a heightened sense of responsibility to preserve our existing environmental resources and to implement processes designed to reduce the impact of our activities on our surroundings. We provide support for two areas of environmental protection and conservation:

  • Projects that promote the protection and preservation of water. 
  • Organizations working on innovative solutions to reduce energy use, waste and GHG emissions.

Humanitarian Aid

Some of the communities where we operate are prone to natural disasters, therefore, our community support initiatives extend to contributing funds and logistics support for disaster relief, to help those affected overcome such events and rebuild their lives and communities.