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Community projects by country

You will find below a few examples of initiatives Gildan contributed to in the communities in which we are presently operating.

Dominican Republic

Jesus Marcano Technical School

In September 2013, Gildan supported the Jesus Marcano School inaugurating a new technical program at the high school level: Fashion Design and Manufacturing.This is the first school offering this type of education in the Guerra community. Gildan refurbished the classrooms where the students attend their classe and donated all the sewing equipment. This project represented an investment of close to $40,000. During the month of August, a group of seniors from the Jesus Marcano School attended a one-month internship at our textile facility.

Continuous support to education

Also, as part of our support to local education and our annual school supplies donation initiative in the Dominican Republic, this year we provided more than 1,300 children from different schools located in the Guerra and Boca Chica communities with backpacks, notebooks, pencils, and other supplies.

Promoting high quality education

For the third consecutive year, Gildan partnered with Listín Diario, an important daily newspaper in the Dominican Republic, to organize an activity as part of Plan LEA.

This activity consisted in the publication of a series of documents about various aspects of the environment, with the objective to raise awareness amongst students. Gildan sponsored this activity through a financial donation which allowed 500 students to receive this interesting material and contributed to creating environmental awareness in the local communities.

Plan LEA is part of a nation-wide educational program promoted by Listín Diario and the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Education. It is designed to help students obtain a high quality education in a sustainable manner.

Growing gardens at our sponsored schools

In March 2013, as part of the Eco Schools program, Gildan and the Institute of Environmental Law of the Dominican Republic (IDARD) collaborated in order to develop a short course to teach students how to grow a garden at school or at home.
Throughout this lesson, the approximately 1,000 participating students learned how to plant and harvest vegetables such as carrots and lettuce.

This educational activity was held at our four sponsored schools: Cleotilde Concepción (Mata Vaca), Arcadia Reyes (Bella Vista), Apolinar Concepción (La Granja) and Tomás Hernández Franco (La Reforma).


Continuing Technical Education with Instituto Politécnico Centroamericano (IPC)

Building job skills is vital for sustainable community development. Since 2005, Gildan has been actively engaged with spearheading an industry-wide initiative to create the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras. Gildan’s initial funding was $500,000.

The IPC is the first technical institute in Central America to provide training for those involved in textile, apparel and other industries through intensive two to five month courses or one-year technical programs.

As the only technical institute of its kind in Central America, the IPC offers training programs in areas including industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, mechatronics, and textile and apparel technology. We have previously provided business and technical advice that resulted in the construction of a full-service student residence where Honduran students can benefit from living at the IPC without having to pay expensive fees for transportation or temporary accommodations.

Gildan has sponsored 320 scholarships since 2006 to encourage access to these technical programs for Gildan employees and their families, as well as to underprivileged young men and women from all over the country.

Since its inception, over 6,000 students have graduated from the various IPC programs, including over 1,000 students who graduated from the IPC one-year program, with a 90% job placement record in a wide range of companies in Honduras, including at Gildan. We also partner with the IPC to offer training sessions to our employees, representing an additional U.S. $300,000 in funding for the IPC during 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, we redistributed our scholarships allocation from 20 to 300, in order to benefit more students enrolled in short courses offered by the IPC on Industrial Production, Electricity, Screenprinting, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Gildan has partnered with the communities where the Company operates in Honduras in order to recruit beneficiaries. This project represents an investment of close to $100,000.

Since 2005, Gildan contribution to the IPC represents over $1.5 million.

Running With a Purpose

On June 23rd, 2013, Gildan partnered for the second consecutive year with La Prensa, one of the main daily newspapers in Honduras, for their annual marathon. This year, the event benefited “Liga Contra el Cancer” (League Against Cancer), an institution providing medical attention and services to cancer patients in Honduras at little or no cost. A total of 170 Gildan employees from all our facilities in Honduras joined the event and the Company made a donation for each kilometer walked and/or jogged, totaling nearly $3,000.

Regalando Sonrisas

Since 2005, every holiday period, as part of the “Regalando Sonrisas con Gildan” (Giving Smiles with Gildan), our employees in Honduras volunteer to deliver brand new toys generously donated by the employees to underprivileged kids living in neighbourhoods in close proximity to our facilities.

In 2013, for the first time, our employees in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Haiti joined the campaign and contributed to spreading joy to hundreds of children. In collaboration with local community partners, more than 300 employees delivered more than 16,000 toys.


Building the Future Together

As part of Gildan’s commitment to youth education, the Company donated $25,500 to complete infrastructure repairs at the Fernando Rojas Zelaya school of San Marcos, including a new roof and the installation of a new electrical system. Many of our San Marcos sewing facility employees send their children to study at this school.

An opening ceremony was organized in April 2013 to showcase the renovations to the community.

Fire Fighting Truck Donation

In October 2012, Gildan donated $2,000 to the Carazo Fire Department to purchase a fire fighting truck. This donation aimed at supporting disaster relief and response efforts in Carazo, the region in which our San Marcos sewing facility is located. This donation represented a great contribution for the Fire Department to improve its response time and react more efficiently in the event of a fire.

Supporting children with cancer in Nicaragua

For the third consecutive year, Gildan was part of CONANCA's (Nicaraguan Aid Commission for Children with Cancer) main sponsors for their national fundraising event. CONANCA is the national association that provides health services to children with cancer at low or no cost in Nicaragua.

In September 2013, Gildan donated 2,500 t-shirts to the organization, was used by the volunteers who will help to raise funds.

Helping others with an open heart

Employees of ANNIC, San Marcos and Rivas participated in raising funds for the 2013 Telethon, a televised fundraising event to support physical rehabilitation centers in Nicaragua. The total sum of $4,500 was donated to the cause, including employees’ generous contributions which were matched by Gildan. A group of five employees attended the event held on April 12th 2013, to present the donation on behalf of the Company.


Contributing to Education in Haiti

As part of an initiative to motivate Haitian children to stay in school, Gildan donated school supplies that included a backpack, notebooks and pencils, among other items, to students of the École Nationale de Thor located in Carrefour, which is near one of our third party contractor facilities. More than 250 children benefited from this donation.

In addition, three classrooms at this school were renovated in order to provide children with a better learning environment.

Fleur de Vie School

For the first time in Haiti, Gildan partnered with Fleur de Vie, a non-governmental organization based in the United States that invited the Company to participate in a back-to-school recreational event. This activity aims to motivate children to stay in school and reduce child labour in Haiti, as well as offer basic health services.

Gildan joined Fleur de Vie as the "Science Sponsor" with a donation comprised of $5,000 and 150 T-shirts for the event. Over 100 volunteers participated and more than 700 children benefitted from this event.


Contributing to Education in Barbados

Every year in May, children from the fourth grade level in Barbados are required to take a government exam in order to graduate to secondary school. Each student needs specific school supplies, such as pens, pencils, geometry sets, clipboards, rulers and dictionaries in order to complete the exam.

In 2013, Gildan assisted the children of four primary schools located close to our Barbados office by providing these supplies, thus helping them and their families with this academic transition.


Toujours Ensemble

Gildan has been supporting Toujours ensemble since 2005. Toujours ensemble is a non-profit organization that supports the school children of Verdun, by helping them with homework, organizing low-cost leisure activities and providing a meeting place after school where they can acquire a sense of belonging. Toujours ensemble supports over 450 students per school year and distributes perseverance scholarships to high school, college and university students.

Gildan has been supporting Toujours ensemble with a donation of T-shirts, sweatshirts, and polo shirts, as well as financial support for scholarships. Our long-lasting partnership with Toujours ensemble is a fine example of the Company’s willingness to help young people succeed in school and contribute to improving the quality of life of kids and their families.

Gildan’s contribution to date amounts to $45,000 in cash and $32,000 in products.

Je Passe Partout

Since 2006, we have been supporting Je Passe Partout's activities to prevent school failures in underprivileged parts of Montreal. The aim of the school support program is to motivate children in their academic development and help them gain a positive attitude towards their studies in school. Gildan donates $7,000 per year to Je Passe Partout, for a total cumulative contribution of $56,000.

Supporting the education of athletes

In 2008, Gildan entered a five-year agreement with Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec, a program that grants academic scholarships to outstanding athletes from Quebec. Through an annual contribution of $10,000, Gildan is a sponsor of the Foundation under the Leadership Scholarships category.

In November 2013, the Annual Gala of the Foundation took place in Montreal where a Gildan representative awarded four athletes with their academic scholarships on behalf of the Company.

Trevor Williams Kids Foundation

The Trevor Williams Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching life skills to marginalized youth. The Foundation works with kids from 6 to 18 years of age from different social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The Trevor Williams Kids Foundation reaches nearly 2,000 kids every year through its organized events, leagues and programs. Gildan is pleased to support this great organization, which works with youth and encourages them to stay in school.

We have also been sponsoring this foundation since 2006 by way of financial support to the Tutoring Zone program, for a total contribution of over $58,000, as well as with in-kind donations of T-shirts, hoodies and shorts totaling $24,500.


Sponsoring a Reading Event in Eden

Through an in-kind donation of 300 T-shirts, Gildan sponsored the 6th Annual “Catch the Reading Bug” Community Reading Conference & Festival, which was held on March 16th in Rockingham County, where our Eden Distribution center is located.

During this family event organized by the Rockingham County Reading Association, the approximately 900 participants, mostly children from preschool to 5th grade, were invited to attend arts and crafts, theater, dancing, storytelling and singing free performances and workshops. The goal of this conference is to raise awareness of the importance that early literacy holds for students.

Supporting Hurricane Sandy Victims

On November 2012, our Anvil office in New York, donated 1,000 T-shirts for men, women and children, as well as 1,000 men's briefs, which were distributed to the New Jersey Shore region that was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Fashion Delivers® is a non-profit organization that takes new products donated by manufacturers and retailers and gives them to community charities across the U.S. and throughout the world. These product donations help survivors of natural disasters and other people in need rebuild their lives. The cash value of the in-kind donation amounted to approximately $9,000.

Salvation Army – Angel Tree

Gildan Eden has been a sponsor of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program for several years. Angel Tree matches donors with children from qualified families unable to provide gifts and clothing to their children during the holidays. 

In December 2013, Gildan sponsored 20 angels, which our employees adopted from our office Christmas tree and purchased requested items of clothing and toys for local children sponsored by the Salvation Army. The Company also donated cardboard boxes used to transport food and gifts to the families in need. In total, over 450 children and approximately 250 families in the Eden community were helped this year with this program.

Bikes for Honduras

In October 2013, our Charleston office entered into a partnership with Bikes for the World, to send a container of refurbished bicycles to Honduras. A bike drive was organized in Charleston where 100 bicycles were collected among employees and the community. The Moore Van Allen law firm also participated with a $2,500 donation to the project, which went towards the refurbishment of the bicycles before loading them on the container going to Honduras. Gildan covered all expenses for the rental of container and its final delivery to Honduras.

Bikes for the World is an organization whose mission is to make quality used bicycles and parts affordable and available to lower income people and select institutions in developing countries to enhance their lives and livelihoods through better transport.