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Community projects by country

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You will find below a few examples of initiatives Gildan contributed to in the communities
in which we are presently operating.

Dominican Republic

Jesus Marcano Technical School 

Since 2013, Gildan has supported the Eugenio de Jesús Marcano Technical Institute, contributing to infrastructure renovations and donating equipment and supplies, thereby allowing the creation of the Fashion Design and Manufacture technical program.

In 2014, the Company made a complete renovation of the school’s electrical system, which was in poor condition as all the wiring was external and as a result the equipment at the school was at permanent risk of electric failure hazards. The new electric system was built with all the wiring underground, creating a safer environment for both the equipment and the school and its inhabitants.

Gildan also sponsored a special visit to the Institute of the well-known, Dominican designer Carlos de Moya, who spent a full day with 41 students of the Fashion Design and Manufacture program, leading a fashion illustration workshop.

To date, Gildan has contributed over $43,100 to the school.

Contributing to the Academic Achivements of Our Communities 

As part of the EDUCANDO program, created to support academic initiatives in the Dominican Republic, a series of activities took place during the month of August. A special ceremony was organized at each of the three elementary schools Gildan sponsors, in order to recognize the academic excellence of 12 students.

The goal of the ceremony is to recognize the effort of the students who, in spite of the hardships, stay in school and excel in their performance. The program also provides school supplies. In 2014, the total funding allocated to this project represented more than $28,000. More activities will be carried out in 2015.

Keeping Our Earth Green

During the month of July, 400 of our co-workers in the Dominican Republic, volunteered their time off work to plant a total of 3,200 trees at the San Luis ecological park, near our facilities.

The trees planted by our co-workers included the Creole Mahogany, Samán and Ceiba trees, all local varieties. Our investment in this project in 2014 totalled over $7,000.


Continuing Technical Education with Instituto Politécnico Centroamericano (IPC)

Building job skills is vital for sustainable community development. Since 2005, Gildan has been actively engaged with spearheading an industry-wide initiative to create the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras. Gildan’s initial funding was $500,000.
The IPC is the first technical institute in Central America to provide training for those involved in textile, apparel and other industries through intensive two to five month courses or one-year technical programs.

As the only technical institute of its kind in Central America, the IPC offers training programs in areas including industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, mechatronics, and textile and apparel technology. We have previously provided business and technical advice that resulted in the construction of a full-service student residence where Honduran students can benefit from living at the IPC without having to pay expensive fees for transportation or temporary accommodations.

Gildan has sponsored 320 scholarships since 2006 to encourage access to these technical programs for Gildan employees and their families, as well as to underprivileged young men and women from all over the country.

Since its inception, over 6,000 students have graduated from the various IPC programs, including over 1,000 students who graduated from the IPC one-year program, with a 90% job placement record in a wide range of companies in Honduras, including at Gildan. We also partner with the IPC to offer training sessions to our employees, representing an additional U.S. $300,000 in funding for the IPC during 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, Gildan created a new program for the IPC called “Dejando Huella” (Leaving a Footprint), which was designed to sponsor scholarships for approximately 300 students per year to attend the technical short courses at the IPC. The first group of students under this program graduated on March 27th 2014, representing a total of 150 new technicians in the areas of industrial production, electricity, screen printing, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Recipients of the scholarships go through an academic and socio-economic evaluation in order to determine their acceptance into the program and the course that best suits each student’s skills. The scholarship covers the academic and transportation expenses of the students. This project represents an investment of close to $100,000.

Since 2005, Gildan contribution to the IPC represents over $1.6 million.

Renovated Facilities For Schools in Choloma

On February 27th, 2014, Gildan inaugurated a new infrastructure project in Choloma. Through a partnership with World Vision Honduras, which focuses on healthy homes and schools, Gildan identified the Ramón Amaya Amador School, at San José de los Laureles, a school located near our textile complex in Rio Nance, which had an urgent need of new sanitary facilities. With an investment of approximately $12,000, Gildan sponsored the construction of new bathrooms for the school, providing a healthier space for the children.

Gildan also provided the Nohemy Ferrera School at Rio Nance with a series of renovations including: a mini soccer court; a new roof, gutter and window repairs, exterior paint, and a perimeter wall to avoid flooding and consequently the growth of the dengue fever mosquitoes. The overall cost of the renovations was approximately $23,000 and a small inauguration ceremony was held at the school premises on February 6th, 2014 with the students, parents and members of the local municipal office.


Promoting Environmental Best Practices

In August 2014, Gildan’s operations in Nicaragua joined FONARE, the National Recycling Forum in Nicaragua, to sponsor a conference on recycling, which was open to schools, as well as public and private companies in Managua. A total of 600 participants attended the conference, which presented recycling best practices and benefits, applicable to the workplace, schools and public spaces in general.


Contrinuting to the Academic Achievements of Our Communities 

The EDUCANDO program, which initially started in the Dominican Republic,was extended to Haiti. The program recognizes the academic excellence of the students at the Ecole Nationale de Thor, a school of approximately 1,000 students, which Gildan has been supporting for several years in the community of Carrefour.

The program also covers the children of the Beraca Orphanage. This is another institution Gildan has supported for several years. At the orphanage, where 42 children live, we recognize the effort of children who work hard to stay in school and maintain high standards in their performance.

In August , 2014, we donated a total of 378 backpacks at both institutions. The cost of the overall program in 2014 represented over $8,000.


Contributing to Education in Barbados

Every year in May, children from the fourth grade level in Barbados are required to take a government exam in order to graduate to secondary school. Each student needs specific school supplies, such as pens, pencils, geometry sets, clipboards, rulers and dictionaries in order to complete the exam.

In 2014, Gildan assisted the children of four primary schools located close to our Barbados office by providing these supplies, thus helping them and their families with this academic transition.


Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence

For several years, Gildan has partnered with La Fondation l ’Athlete d ’Excellence through the scholarships program for young athletes in Quebec.

At the beginning of July, 2014, the Company once again contributed to this program with a donation of $10,000 for the 2014-2015 scholarships benefiting young athletes who demonstrate strong performance in sports while maintaining their academic excellence and exhibiting entrepreneurial initiatives that have a positive impact in their community.

Supporting the Young Women of Canada

In September, 2014, Gildan made a contribution to the Canadian Women’s Foundation. This organization supports the success of Canada’s women and girls, by creating programs that help them achieve their goals.

Gildan made a contribution of $4,000 to support the “As I Am” program, which is oriented towards the 9 to13 year-old age group, so as to ensure them to be part of science and technology projects, create sports teams and work with mentors to strengthen their skill sets. In addition, Gildan donated 400 t-shirts for the campaign, part of which will be used as uniforms for the girls and another portion of them to be used for fundraising activities.

Je Passe Partout

Since 2006, we have been supporting Je Passe Partout's activities to prevent school failures in underprivileged parts of Montreal. The program reaches out to students from ages 4 to 17 through after school programs to complete homework and other academic activities, as well as by providing school supplies and family counseling to ensure the success of the students at school. Gildan made a contribution of $7,000 in June, 2014, to support the after school program of Je Passe Partout and their back to school supplies giveaway.

Gildan donates $7,000 per year to Je Passe Partout, for a total cumulative contribution of $63,000.


Junior Achievement of Central North Carolina: Volunteering Program

Junior Achievement of Central North Carolina is an organization dedicated to giving young people the knowledge and skills they need to achieve financial success, adequately plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices.

In April, 2014, a group of 8 employees from our Eden Distribution Center worked with the Junior Achievement program, volunteering a total of 40 hours visiting classrooms of participating schools to share relevant hands on experiences with the students, that could provide them knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

Gildan also provided t-shirts to the students at the end of their participation in the program.

Gildan Scholar Athlete of the Year

In May, 2014, the Rockingham County Schools District presented the Gildan Scholar Athlete of the Year Award. This award, for the amount of $800, is granted to a high school senior, who has played at least 2 sports during his or her junior and senior year, made all-conference twice during their junior and/or senior year, maintained at least a 3.5 GPA and has not been expelled from an athletic contest during their junior or senior year. The award was presented by Orlando Poteat, Human Resources Manager at Eden, during the Rockingham County Schools Athletic Champions Banquet.

Martin Van Buren High School: Celebration Day and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) Program

In May, Gildan donated 300 t-shirts to Martin van Buren High School, located at Queens Village in New York. The school organized a Celebration Day, an activity where students, teachers and alumni got together to raise funds in order to support the introduction of new programs to the current curriculum of the school.

This project is an initiative of the Martin van Buren High School alumni, who seek to increase the school’s graduation rates and ensure that the students are on a success path toward college and/or employment. The sales of the Gildan t-shirts during the event generated approximately $2,000 and were allocated to the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) program. Gildan also made a monetary contribution of $2,300 towards the NFTE program, which will expose high school students to entrepreneurship through extensive teacher training on the subject.  Part of the funds provided by Gildan were also used to purchase school supplies.

Sharing our Products with the Community

At the end of last year, our Charleston Distribution Center made two important in-kind contributions of children’s products. At the end of October, 2013, 13 boxes of socks and underwear were donated to the Low Country Orphan Relief, an organization that provides goods and services to children of underserved areas and shelters in the tri-county area.

This donation was complemented at the beginning of December 2013 with the donation of 27 additional boxes containing t-shirts, fleece garments and additional socks, which the Orphan Relief used for their holiday give away packages at the shelters and schools they provide their services to. The total donation amounted to over $7,000.