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Community projects by country

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You will find below a few examples of initiatives Gildan contributed to in the communities
in which we are presently operating.

Dominican Republic


In July 2015, as part of the ongoing collaboration with the Jesus Marcano Technical Institute, a school in the community of Mata de Palma, Gildan provided students in the senior class with the opportunity to take part in internships at our Dominican Republic facilities. A total of 36 students participated in the program and Gildan contributed approximately $5,000 to cover their uniform, lunch and transportation expenses. The students were able to choose to do their internships at the Las Americas sewing facility or at the Dortex textile facility for a period of 1.5 months.


In August, Gildan organized small ceremonies to recognize the honour roll students from 7 schools forming part of the Educando program in the communities of Guerra, Boca Chica and San Pedro de Macoris. During the ceremony, the students were presented with academic excellence diplomas and received backpacks containing various school supplies. The total contribution for this initiative was approximately $18,000.  



Gildan donates U.S. $3.5 million to community projects in Honduras

In March 2015, Gildan decided to donate the totality of the funds it received from the Government of Honduras in connection with its participation in an employment program called “Con Chamba Vivís Mejor” (We live better with jobs). This program was created to favour the insertion into the labour market of unemployed population at risk of social exclusion and vulnerability. As an incentive for participating in the program, the Honduran government recognizes every company by providing a financial grant based on the number of employees hired through this program and who succeeded in achieving formal or permanent employment. Gildan generated more than 7,000 new jobs in Honduras, making Gildan the country’s top recruiter within this program.

Gildan donated an  amount of more than U.S. $3.5 million, towards special community projects aimed at improving education (IPC), health care services (local children’s hospital) and living conditions (housing project) in the northern region of Honduras.



Gildan is a strong believer that education is key in changing people’s lives. In line with this principle, the Company is committed to support schools in the locations where we operate by way of improvement of buildings, environmental conditions, supplies and specific academic programs.

In April, the Company made a contribution to the Antonio C. Rivera School in Choloma supplying them with 50 new school desks, for a total investment of over $1,300. The desks were distributed among different classrooms in the school.

In May, Gildan signed an agreement with World Vision Honduras to become a partner of the organization for the “Building safe and healthy environments for children” program. Gildan worked with World Vision in 2014 under this program to assist in the renovations of a school in Choloma, where a good portion of our Honduras operations are located. With the agreement signed in May, Gildan made a commitment of $100,000 to fully sponsor renovation projects for 10 schools in the Sula Valley, which will enable the Company to support schools in all the locations where we operate in Honduras. These projects will improve the school conditions for approximately 4,000 children among which a vast majority are children of our employees.

Continuing Technical Education with Instituto Politécnico Centroamericano (IPC)

Building job skills is vital for sustainable community development. Since 2005, Gildan has been actively engaged with spearheading an industry-wide initiative to create the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras. Gildan’s initial funding was $500,000.
The IPC is the first technical institute in Central America to provide training for those involved in textile, apparel and other industries through intensive two to five month courses or one-year technical programs.

As the only technical institute of its kind in Central America, the IPC offers training programs in areas including industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, mechatronics, and textile and apparel technology. We have previously provided business and technical advice that resulted in the construction of a full-service student residence where Honduran students can benefit from living at the IPC without having to pay expensive fees for transportation or temporary accommodations.

Gildan has sponsored 1,020 scholarships since 2006 to encourage access to these technical programs for Gildan employees and their families, as well as to underprivileged young men and women from all over the country.

Since its inception, over 6,500 students have graduated from the various IPC programs, including over 1,000 students who graduated from the IPC one-year program, with a 90% job placement record in a wide range of companies in Honduras, including at Gildan. We also partner with the IPC to offer training sessions to our employees, representing an additional U.S. $300,000 in funding for the IPC during 2011 and 2012.

In 2013, Gildan created a new program for the IPC called “Dejando Huella” (Leaving a Footprint), which was designed to sponsor scholarships for approximately 300 students per year to attend the technical short courses at the IPC. The first group of students under this program graduated in March 2014, representing a total of 150 new technicians in the areas of industrial production, electricity, screen printing, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Recipients of the scholarships go through an academic and socio-economic evaluation in order to determine their acceptance into the program and the course that best suits each student’s skills. The scholarship covers the academic and transportation expenses of the students.

Gildan launched the “Dejando Huella” 2015 scholarship program during a small ceremony held at the IPC in June 2015. A total fund of 8 million Lempiras (approximately $381,000) was presented to the school, which will cover for close to 700 scholarships for the communities where we operate in Honduras. The event represented the Company’s first contribution as part of the grant Gildan received back in March from the Honduran Government in connection with its participation in an employment program called “Con Chamba Vivís Mejor” (We live better with jobs). Gildan invited the First Lady of Honduras, Ana de Hernandez, to attend the ceremony.  

Gildan also supplied IPC with the polo shirts they provide their students with as part of their uniforms.

Since 2005, Gildan contribution to the IPC represents over $1.9 million.


Wall Perimeter and Storm-Drain Construction

As part of the “opportunities” program in Nicaragua, Gildan is committed to training and hiring people with disabilities, both mental and physical. To support the Associacion Activos por un mundo solidario, which provides medical attention to people with physical and mental disabilities, Gildan contributed to the construction of a wall perimeter and storm-drain. The construction cost was approximately $35,000 and served to improve the space used for training employees.


Gildan is constantly hiring and looking for skilled employees. Thus, as part of the quest to hire skilled workers, Gildan refurbished 2 classrooms at the Tecnologico Industrial de Jinotepe (INATEC) in Nicaragua and donated 50 industrial sewing machines to be used by Gildan employees or community residents who wish to pursue the trade. 50 of Gildan’s industrial sewing machine mechanics completed an 800 hour-long course at the school.


Improving the conditions of the Beraca orphanage

The Beraca orphanage in Haiti, where over 40 children live, has been an institution supported by Gildan to ensure the children of the orphanage have equal opportunities as children living at home with their parents. The orphanage is not only a home for these children, but it is also where they get their primary education. With a contribution of over $3,000, Gildan made renovations at the orphanage, improving the lighting system of the small building to provide better lit areas where the children can read and carry on activities even after dark. The renovations also included new black boards and new desks for the classroom area, which used to be in poor condition.

The company also provided approximately $1,300 in basic medication for in-house treatment of common ailments among the children. 


Supporting education programs in Barbados

In March 2015, Gildan made a $1,000 contribution to the United World Colleges Scholarship Trust in Barbados. This program grants scholarships to Bajan students seeking an education at the United World Colleges located in different countries. The schools that operate under the United World Colleges umbrella are committed to encourage the academic achievement of the students and support their respective programs with various extracurricular community engagement, international affairs and sports activities to ensure a well-rounded education experience.

Also in March 2015, Gildan sponsored the purchase of school supplies for the Christ Church Girls School in the amount of $500. Currently educating approximately 600 girls, the school has been operating in Barbados since the 1920’s at the elementary level and combines the standard academic programs with a strong focus on building the girls’ values, encouraging them to be successful women in the future.


Toujours ensemble scholarships

In March 2015, Gildan made a $5,000 contribution to an organization called Toujours ensemble. This non-profit organization’s mission is to offer young people in Montreal opportunities in education, and after-school and summer recreational activities that will encourage them to stay in school. For several years, Gildan has contributed to the Toujours ensemble’s scholarship fund to provide students with financial aid for post-secondary education. By granting scholarships to cover tuition and school supplies expenses, this organization encourages students to stay in school and reduce the drop-out rates in Quebec.

Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence

For several years, Gildan has partnered with La Fondation l ’Athlete d ’Excellence through the scholarships program for young athletes in Quebec.

In September 2015, Gildan made a contribution of $12,000 to the Fondation de l’Athlète d’Excellence du Quebec for the 2015-2016 “Gildan Leadership Scholarship Program”. The foundation’s mission is to provide support and financial stability to student athletes on their journeys to academic excellence, as they become society’s future leaders. Gildan presented the scholarships at the Foundation’s 30th annual gala in November. The scholarships were granted to five university-level student athletes for their excellence in various sports and their implication in their communities.


In October and November of 2015, employees at Gildan Apparel Canada in Montreal organized various fundraising activities to benefit Centraide, a Montreal-based organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the community and empower its most vulnerable members. Centraide financially supports various charities and community agencies in Montreal and aims to maximize financial and volunteer resources by working in partnership with them to promote caring and social involvement. The employee-driven fundraising campaign raised $2,000.

Je Passe Partout

Since 2006, we have been supporting Je Passe Partout's activities to prevent school failures in underprivileged parts of Montreal. The program reaches out to students from ages 4 to 17 through after school programs to complete homework and other academic activities, as well as by providing school supplies and family counseling to ensure the success of the students at school. Gildan made a contribution of $7,000 in June, 2014, to support the after school program of Je Passe Partout and their back to school supplies giveaway.

Gildan has donated $7,000 annually to Je Passe Partout, for a total cumulative contribution of $70,000.


Supporting those who assist our communities

Earlier this year, our Charleston distribution center made two significant product contributions to two organizations that address an important issue in the Charleston area: homelessness. The Tri-County Ministries is a non-profit organization that helps people of all ages, providing warm meals, clothing and personal items. In February, Gildan donated 25 boxes of products containing an assortment of underwear, socks and t-shirts in various sizes, which are later given away by the Tri-County Ministries to the families they assist, $2,500 value donation.

The Miracle Center is also a non-profit social service and welfare organization that helps families in underserved areas of Charleston by providing food, clothing, and personal items. In March, Gildan donated 8 boxes of products containing underwear, socks and t-shirts, to be distributed to the families coming to the Miracle Center for assistance.



In April, our team in Eden joined the Rockingham County Reduce, Reuse, Recycle event, which was held with the goal to educate, inform, and share in our community, the environmental efforts that are made both by local companies and individuals towards best practices for the environment.  There were several displays, attractions and demonstrations including kids’ activities, food, artisans and eco-friendly products and businesses.  Vendors from various areas had homemade items including crafts, soaps, lotions and jewelry for sale. Environmentally-friendly kid activities and rides were available for the younger attendees.

In addition to the information booth, Gildan also made a contribution of approximately $1,000 to support the organization of the event and 3 volunteers from our distribution center assisted in the process.


Gildan inaugurates an important community project in Bangladesh

At the beginning of this year, Gildan inaugurated its first community project in Bangladesh. Our Company refurbished the Dendabor National School in Dhaka, which houses approximately 1,600 students of the surrounding community where our facility is located. The repairs included general maintenance, fresh paint for the entire building, the construction of two new classrooms and a room intended for the teachers. Gildan also provided the school with desks and air fans for the new classrooms. The total cost of the project was approximately $20,000. An inaugural ceremony took place at the end of February, where representatives of our Bangladesh operations presented the new facilities to the teachers and parents and offered school supplies for the children.