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Community projects by country

You will find below a few examples of initiatives Gildan contributed to in the communities in which we are presently operating.

Dominican Republic


As part of the ongoing collaboration with the Jesus Marcano Technical Institute, a school in the community of Mata de Palma, Gildan provided students in the senior class with the opportunity to take part in internships at our Dominican Republic facilities. A total of 36 students participated in the program and Gildan contributed approximately $5,000 to cover their uniform, lunch and transportation expenses. The students were able to choose to do their internships at the Las Americas sewing facility or at the Dortex textile facility for a period of 1.5 months.


Gildan, in collaboration with the Education Ministry in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), recognized the academic achievement of more than 4,500 students through its sponsorship of the Educando program.

The Educando Program recognizes and rewards children who distinguish themselves academically and through their good behavior at school every day. Teachers are also recognized for outstanding performance. The event was held in the communities of Guerra, Bayaguana, Boca Chica and Batey Esperanza, with student receiving academic excellence diplomas and backpacks containing school supplies.

Over the past eight years, this initiative has supported students’ efforts to successfully complete their school year and promotes the active participation of parents in their children’s education. 




Gildan donated U.S. $518,000 to the newborn ward at the Mario C. Rivas Hospital in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The facility provides advanced care with specialized equipment and medical services to infants from the local community as well as the surrounding region.
The newborn ward is expected to provide care and services to more than 3,000 infants annually and represents the largest one-time donation from Gildan, a long-time partner of the facility. The newly expanded ward offers three distinct areas to accommodate infants based on the severity of their conditions, which will not only reduce overcrowding at the hospital, but also help to lower mortality rates.
Gildan’s donation went to reconstruct and furnish the infant’s ward with new equipment and technology. These changes will allow the ward to accommodate up to 30 infants at a time, where they will receive intensive, intermediate or minimum care according to their needs.


Gildan is a strong believer that education is key in changing people’s lives. In line with this principle, the Company is committed to supporting schools in the locations where it operates by way of the improvement of buildings, environmental conditions, supplies and specific academic programs.

In 2015, Gildan signed a two-year agreement with World Vision Honduras to become a partner of the organization for the “Building safe and healthy environments for children” program. Gildan worked with World Vision under this program to assist in the renovations of a school in Choloma, where a good portion of our Honduran operations are located.

With the agreement signed, Gildan made a commitment of U.S. $100,000 to fully sponsor renovation projects for 10 schools in the Sula Valley. These projects will improve the school conditions for approximately 4,000 children, among which a vast majority is children of our employees.


In March 2016, within the framework of the cooperation agreement that Gildan maintains with the Secretary of Education in Honduras, the Esperanza del Mañana kindergarten building was renovated by Gildan and inaugurated along with the first lady of Honduras, Ana García de Hernández. This pre-school was one of nine centres in Choloma, Villanueva and Santa Barbara that Gildan selected and reviewed together with the Ministry of Education to receive structural improvements, for a total of U.S. $250,000.

The agreement is part of the Company's commitment to education in communities where it operates, with the goal of improving school buildings for more than 5,000 elementary boys and girls.


Building job skills is vital for sustainable community development. Since 2005, Gildan has been actively engaged in spearheading an industry-wide initiative to create the Central American Polytechnic Institute (IPC) in Honduras.

The IPC is the first technical institute in Central America to provide training in the textile, apparel and other industries through intensive two to five month courses or one-year technical programs.

In 2016, Gildan donated over $1,000,000 lempiras (U.S. $42,000) for 450 scholarships as well as technical equipment for the computer rooms. Gildan has sponsored 1,400 scholarships since 2006 to enable access to these technical programs for Gildan employees and their families, as well as to underprivileged young men and women from all over the country.

In 2013, Gildan created a new program for the IPC called “Dejando Huella” (Leaving a Footprint), which was designed to sponsor scholarships for approximately 300 students per year to attend the technical short courses at the IPC. Recipients of the scholarships go through an academic and socio-economic evaluation in order to determine their acceptance into the program and the course that best suits each student’s skills. The scholarship covers tuition and transportation expenses of the students.

Since 2005, Gildan’s contribution to the IPC represents over $1.9 million.


In March 2016, Gildan inaugurated a facility called La Caverna, a new geological exhibit within the Children's Museum in San Pedro Sula, which showcases the prehistoric era complete with an interactive excavation pool. The goal of La Caverna is to encourage children’s interest in science through geology, reinforcing the learning process through the experience of being inside an ancient cave and observing rock formations that date thousands of years ago.

La Caverna will offer a unique experience to the children of San Pedro Sula, representing an investment of more than two million lempiras (over U.S. $85,000).



Wall Perimeter and Storm-Drain Construction

As part of the “opportunities” program in Nicaragua, Gildan is committed to training and hiring people with disabilities, both mental and physical. To support the Associación Activos por un mundo solidario, which provides medical attention to people with physical and mental disabilities, Gildan contributed to the construction of a wall perimeter and storm-drain at the association’s facility. The construction cost was approximately U.S. $35,000 and served to improve the space used for training employees.


During 2016, we continued implementing the Part of your Life Program in partnership with Christian Children Fund of Canada (CCFC). In August 2016, Gildan and CCFC inaugurated a project in the Eloy Canales School located in Rivas, Nicaragua. The project, that included remodeling the school’s bathrooms, has benefited more than 430 students from pre-school and elementary levels. This program also included training for teachers to strengthen the students’ learning process.



At the end of 2016, Gildan made a donation to an Innovating Health International center located in Tabarre, Haiti. The Company contributed materials to paint murals in the facility, which are made for the psychological benefit of the patients, as well as individual medical kits used to detect cancer in women. This investment represents about U.S. $4,000 in support of women with limited resources.

Innovating Health International (IHI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to treating chronic diseases and addressing women's health issues in developing countries, by providing access to treatment and education services for diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and injuries.


Fleur de Vie is an NGO based in the US that invited Gildan to participate since 2013 in a back to school recreational event. This activity aims to motivate children to stay in school and reduce child labor in Haiti, as well as offer basic health services. Gildan joined Fleur de Vie as one of the sponsors of the Back to School program and donated more than 600 t-shirts and 1,650 notebooks to benefit more than 600 kids from the five schools that participate in the program.



Gildan sponsored the Globe-athon, a Cancer walk/run with the goal of raising awareness about gynecological cancers, held on September 11, 2016. The Globe-athon is a coalition of 80+ countries dedicated to unifying communities around the world to raise awareness, education and research on gynecological cancer.



For several years, Gildan has partnered with La Fondation de l’Athlète d’Excellence du Québec (FAEQ) through the scholarships program for young athletes in Quebec.

In September 2016, Gildan made a contribution of $12,000 to the FAEQ for the 2016-2017 “Gildan Leadership Scholarship Program”. The foundation’s mission is to provide support and financial stability to student athletes on their journeys to academic excellence, as they become society’s future leaders. Gildan presented the scholarships at the Foundation’s 30th annual gala in November. The scholarships were granted to five university-level student athletes for their excellence in various sports and their implication in their communities.


In Eden, North Carolina, Gildan and its employees donated $67,000 to the United Way of Rockingham County which supports health and human services in the Eden area. The United Way provides programs to help children and youth succeed, provides basic needs, and optimizes community and individual health support.


At the beginning of 2016, Gildan inaugurated its first community project in Bangladesh. Our Company refurbished the Dendabor National School in Dhaka, which houses approximately 1,600 students of the surrounding community where our facility is located. The repairs included general maintenance, fresh paint for the entire building, the construction of two new classrooms and a room intended for the teachers. Gildan also provided the school with desks and air fans for the new classrooms. The total cost of the project was approximately U.S. $20,000. An inaugural ceremony took place at the end of February, where representatives of our Bangladesh operations presented the new facilities to the teachers and parents and offered school supplies for the children.