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Code of Ethics

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Gildan is committed to maintaining high ethical standards in all of our operations and business practices worldwide. The Gildan Code of Ethics sets out Gildan’s standards and expectations of conduct by all employees with regards to ethics and integrity and serves as a framework to guide employees in making decisions that are consistent with Gildan’s core values.  This Code of Ethics applies at all times, without exception, to all employees of Gildan worldwide, as well as to the members of Gildan’s Board of Directors. Newly hired employees must sign an acknowledgement that they have read and understood the Code of Ethics. Designated members of management are also required to re-certify their compliance with the Code of Ethics on an annual basis.

Gildan also expects all of its suppliers, agents, contractors, consultants, licensees and all other business partners to follow similar ethical principles when doing business with Gildan. These expectations are embodied in Gildan’s Vendor Guidebook.

The standards and expectations outlined in the Code of Ethics are not exhaustive and should be interpreted together with other Gildan policies and practices, as well as common sense standards of conduct and individual conscience. 

View the Code of Ethics (pdf - 3.4Mb).


    Gildan requires strict adherence to its Anti-Corruption Policy and Compliance Program. Failure to comply could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination. Corruption impedes the development of trustworthy markets; it can potentially hurt our company as well as the communities where we operate. It is paramount for Gildan to operate in an ethical manner and we expect the same from our business partners.

    Gildan has implemented a multi-tiered compliance framework to mitigate the risk of improper conduct by employees and key business partners. This framework, which is overseen by the Compliance Steering Committee, is underpinned by robust policies and compliance programs, including Gildan’s Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy and Compliance Program. In addition to ongoing monitoring and reporting, all Gildan supervisory positions are required to formally certify compliance with the Anti-Corruption Policy and Compliance Program, on an annual basis. In 2016, over 800 employees certified their compliance with Gildan’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Compliance Program, and over 300 employees received in-person training on Gildan’s Anti-Corruption Policy and Compliance Program.


    Gildan’s internal audit department conducts periodic reviews to ensure that management has implemented robust compliance programs and procedures as mentioned above.  All Gildan business units are analyzed for risks related to corruption and fraud as part of the Company’s internal control system and risk management policies.

    Gildan’s internal control system and risk management policies include Gildan’s Code of Ethics as well as an Integrity and Social Responsibility hotline. The hotline, which is managed by a third party service provider, allows employees to confidentially and anonymously report any concerns relating to ethics, fraud, corruption or any other breaches of the Code of Ethics. The Compliance Steering Committee has established an Ethics and Fraud Compliance Committee which has the responsibility to oversee the Code of Ethics. The Ethics and Fraud Compliance Committee reviews all calls received through the hotline service, and is required to communicate any significant issues to the Compliance Steering Committee, which in turn must report to the Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Committee of the Board of Directors, if necessary.