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Our Approach

  • Strategic Priorities

    Gildan’s commitment to leadership in operating responsibly is integral to our overall business strategy, which highlights our responsibility to our employees, the environment, our communities and for the products we make. The Gildan Genuine Responsibility strategic priorities are:


    A commitment to maintaining industry-leading working conditions and labour practices at each of our worldwide locations.


    A commitment to the development and implementation of innovative solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our operations throughout our entire supply chain.


    A commitment to assisting our neighbours through dedicated support for education, active living, entrepreneurship and the environment.


    A commitment to designing and manufacturing a responsible product line through sustainable solutions.


    We Act Like Entrepreneurs

    At Gildan, we are determined to pursue excellence and constantly challenge the status quo. As a founding principle of Gildan’s DNA, our entrepreneurial spirit re¬flects our leadership’s passion to do more and continuously do better. Throughout the entire organization, we have instilled a sense of ownership and accountability to continue to drive our future growth and success.

    There is no limit to what we can achieve!

    We Operate Responsibly

    At Gildan, we understand that operating responsibly is critical to achieving our long term goals. Our genuine commitment to best practices in every area of the company and to operating ethical, safe and sustainable manufacturing facilities infl¬uences every decision we make, down to the smallest detail. We are proud to be respected for both the quality of our products and how we make them.

    Everyday apparel, done right!

    We Believe In Our People

    At Gildan, we value empowerment and teamwork everywhere we operate, because we know that when we roll up our sleeves and work together, nothing is beyond our reach. The pride that we have in every product we make and every life we touch can be seen through our commitment to our employees, customers, investors and partners worldwide.

    Success starts and ends with our people!