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At all operating levels, Gildan is aware of the fact that we operate as part of a greater whole: the environment in which we live and work. This translates into a heightened sense of responsibility to preserve our existing environmental resources and to implement processes designed to reduce, the impact of our activities on our surroundings.

In an era of growing resource depletion and environmental degradation, a narrow, compliance-only based approach will not generate the kind of results we need to reduce our environmental footprint and insure our long-term competitiveness. Nor will it help improve the lives of those who work or live near us. Gildan is committed to continuing to develop innovative environmental solutions that make the best use of our manufacturing facilities while continuing to focus on operational excellence.

Gildan’s environmental program accomplishes two core objectives: reduce our environmental impact and preserves the natural resources used in our manufacturing processes.

Energy Energy

Improving energy efficiency to reduce our environmental impact

Gildan is committed to reducing our reliance on fossil fuels by finding alternate sustainable energy sources and production processes.

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Water Water

Optimizing our water use throughout our processes

We are continually devising ways to minimize our water use and enhance the quality of our wastewater effluent.

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Emissions Emissions

Creativity in finding alternate sustainable energy sources

Gildan is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions through energy conservation efforts.

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Waste Waste

Continuously reducing waste through reuse and recycling

One of our key objectives with regard to environmental sustainability is waste reduction through recycling and the establishment of waste prevention measures at all stages of the production cycle.

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Biodiversity Biodiversity

Preserving the health of our ecosystem

At Gildan, we are passionate about not only preserving, but enhancing the environment in which we live and work.

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Policies and Procedures Policies and Procedures

Developing strong guidelines to lead our actions

Gildan has put in place specific tools and programs to implement our environmental practices and ensure we meet our environmental sustainability objectives.

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Environmental Compliance Environmental Compliance

Going beyond legal requirements

We implemented a number of evaluation and verification methods to ensure that we are compliant with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as our own stringent internal Environmental Policy.

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