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Human and Labour Rights

As a responsible corporate citizen, Gildan is committed to the fair and ethical treatment of people throughout the Company’s supply chain.  As a core value, Gildan operates responsibly and with respect for human rights. From theory to practice, we empower our people to act responsibly and to speak up when faced with adversity - without fear of reprisals.

Gildan strictly prohibits all forms of forced labour and child labour in the production of our apparel.  Amidst renewed global concerns over these severe human rights issues and their incidences within complex and often misunderstood supply chains, there has never been a true case of forced or child labour at any of our owned facilities. We have maintained this track-record through the application of our strict Code of Conduct and systematic social compliance monitoring.

The Company also engages with external stakeholders and has participated in a number of industry initiatives which aim to investigate and explore supply chain transparency as well as brands’ ability to prevent human rights violations within their operations.  In 2016, Gildan participated in’s apparel and footwear benchmark, the Thomson Reuter Foundation’s Stop Slavery Awards and Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index.  

As a learning company, Gildan has gained useful insight from various collaborations and interactions with stakeholders. Our experiences have led us to recognize the need to enable worker voice by implementing various programs and initiatives to facilitate communications and to provide the right channels for employees to express their opinions – and for us to better listen.

Gildan’s Human Rights policy statement is available for download here (pdf - 111.8Kb).