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Social Compliance

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Gildan is committed to achieving the highest standards of labour practices, working conditions and to maintaining an open dialogue with non-governmental organizations, members of the labour movement, and other interested parties.

A key example of our commitment to being a socially responsible employer at all our geographical hubs is the successful implementation of our Social Compliance Program for labour practices and working conditions, which was accredited by the Fair Labour Association (FLA) in 2007. This program is designed to ensure that, at a minimum, all our facilities comply with our own strict internal Code of Conduct, local and international laws, and the codes to which we adhere, including those of Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) and the FLA. When external suppliers are used, they must also adhere to these codes. This is, in fact, a condition for doing business with Gildan.

To ensure that we deliver on our commitment to employees, customers and other stakeholders to meet or exceed our strict Code of Conduct requirements, we conduct a series of independent internal and third party audits each year.