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Working Conditions

Employment Practices

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Gildan favours permanent employment positions over temporary contracts. Reasons for this practice include:

  • optimization of the financial investment related to employee training and development:
    • there is a significant financial cost associated with the training of new employees, as such Gildan is most interested in investing in people who are willing to make a long-term commitment to the Company;
  • reduction in recruitment costs for new employees;
  • easier integration of new employees into the Company's culture and values.

In some cases, we recognize that hiring temporary employees is necessary. Some examples include:

  • specific projects with a clear end date, when we do not have the internal capacity or expertise required;
  • fulfilling temporary needs;
  • when a particular site experiences a busier than usual workflow;
  • occasions when it takes longer to find suitable permanent hires and resources are needed in the interim;
  • we also offer a summer internship programs that offers students hands on work experience which provides opportunities for them to apply what they have learned in their studies.

The number of part time employees that Gildan has is very marginal compared to its total number of employees.  

We also have a number of workers (third party service providers), in the areas of security, cafeteria, transportation and maintenance staffing, which work on the Company premises.

  • 2015 Gildan owned facilities - Employees by type, region and gender

    ASIA 100 0
    44.5 55.5 0 0
    CARIBBEAN BASIN 99.5 0.5
    53.2 46.8 57.9 42.1
    CENTRAL AMERICA 99.8 0.2
    54.3 45.7 54.8 45.2
    NORTH AMERICA 91.0 9.0
    51.4 48.6 46.5 53.5

    • A permanent employment contract is an employee contract for full-time or part-time work for an indeterminate period of time.
    • A temporary employment contract is defined as a fixed-term contract of employment that ends when a specific time period expires or when a specific task, which has a time estimate attached, is completed.

  • Providing Equal Opportunity

    At Gildan, the strength of our people worldwide is what has allowed us to grow into a leading apparel company. One of Gildan’s core values states “We believe in our People”, and in support of this value, in 2016, we launched the Company’s official Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Policy.  This policy articulates our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace. 

    This policy will serve as a guide for the implementation of our D&I strategy.  We intend to implement programs that touch talent acquisition, as well as employee development and we will endeavour to develop key, strategic partnerships with diverse organizations.  In 2017, we launched a partnership with Catalyst, a leading, global, non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion, which is clearly aligned with our core values. It is a priority for Gildan to partner with and support organizations such as Catalyst who continue to demonstrate significant progress in fostering inclusive workplaces for all.

    As a global company, with operations in several countries, our focus is on celebrating and cultivating our differences, as well as bringing greater diversity to our organization. Through our diversity and inclusion initiatives, we aim to better support a culture that encourages the development of each individual, enabling them to recognize and reach their full potential.

    We are committed to ensuring that there are no systemic barriers or biases in the Company’s policies, procedures and practices. We believe that supporting a diverse workplace is a business imperative that helps Gildan attract and retain the brightest and most talented individuals.

    Female employees represent almost half of our total workforce. Furthermore, we were pleased that 41% of our management position are occupied by female, with a total of 18% in top management positions.

    Diversity and Inclusion is a critical component of our business strategy and it is a key consideration in the development and implementation of initiatives across the organization. We continuously focus on embedding diversity into every part of our business.

    Gildan’s executives and management play a key role in continuously encouraging diversity and inclusion. They place a heightened awareness in the decision-making process with respect to hiring, promotions, and retention. Gildan’s management also ensures that there is proper support throughout the entire organization as well as encouraging all points of view.

    Our diversity and Inclusion approach is based on the following pillars:


    • Establish a culture of sponsorship of top internal talent
    • Identify and consider women and minorities in succession planning and talent review discussions
    • Assess the need for mentors and coaching
    • Implement Diversity & Inclusion training
    • Assess training and development programs / initiatives


    • Increase current efforts to focus on female and minority representation to drive results
    • Encourage diverse slates of candidates for all positions
    • Develop a pool of passive candidates from women leadership organizations and diverse student associations


    • Continue to invest time and resources in the communities in which we operate in order to support their ongoing socio-economic development;
    • Support professional organizations that promote diversity and inclusion by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with them.


    In September of 2012, Gildan and Los Pipitos, a local non-governmental organization in Nicaragua, supporting people with mental and physical disabilities, signed a collaboration agreement to implement the "Opportunities Program" at our Nicaraguan sewing facilities. Recently, two other organizations have joined this initiative: Activos por un Mundo Solidario and Asociación Antorcha.

    As per this agreement, Los Pipitos commits to provide training to people with disabilities while Gildan commits to providing them with job opportunities in various areas including sewing, inspection, cleaning and stockroom duties.

    The Nicaraguan Union for Businesses’ Social Responsibility, UNIRSE, recognized Gildan in 2013 with the national award in the category of Competitiveness with inclusion and Equality for its Opportunities Program.

    We currently have 26 employees under this program at our facilities in Nicaragua.

    In May 2013, Gildan partnered with the National School for the Deaf in the Dominican Republic in order to implement the “Opportunities Program” in our sewing facilities located in the country. The program creates awareness regarding coworkers with special needs, and currently employs three people who are receiving special training in our Las Americas sewing facilities.

    At our integrated textile and sewing facility in Bangladesh, we have trained five employees with special needs that are now working in the facility.