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Working Conditions


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Gildan's Code of Conduct and management team respect workers’ rights towards freedom of association. Gildan is currently working on a collaborative basis with various unions. The Company fully recognizes an employee's right to form or join any organization or association of their choosing, including a union, and their right to engage in collective bargaining with the Company. Approximately 27,300 of our employees (56% of Gildan’s total employees) are currently represented by unions worldwide from which 48% are governed by a collective bargaining agreement in place between the union and the corresponding facilities.

  • Dominican Republic

    During 2016, our textile facility in the Dominican Republic continued working in a collaborative and constructive manner with the active unions despite the absence of a collective bargaining agreement due to ongoing litigations. At this point, there is no final resolution from the Supreme Court in the Dominican Republic with regards to which of the unions represent the majority of the workers at our Dominican Republic textile facility. The Company unilaterally has continued implementing all previously agreed upon economic benefits to the workers and will continue to provide these employee benefits.

  • Central America

    During 2016, our Star sewing facility in Honduras had a CBA in place, which will continue into 2017. A second sewing facility in Honduras started its first CBA negotiation at the end of 2016 and it is expected to conclude by the second quarter of 2017.

    In Nicaragua, two sewing facilities and their respective unions renegotiated and renewed their CBA in 2016. 

  • Mexico

    With the acquisition of Alstyle in 2016, the company acquired three unionized facilities which had active CBA’s in place.